Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Day Today Feb.27,2013

Today my day seems to go pretty well. I am just really damn tired and i have such a huge headache. Later on today i need to go to my friends house to work on some group thing.

(Honestly i dont want one of the girls to go. I just found out something about her and i aint felling it. I found out her true colors and let me just say they are not pretty at all. -.-)

I hate it when people put me in a bad mood! 

Senior Year-.-

So i'm in my senior year and honestly it suxs balls. I thought it was going to be so beautiful and fun full of joy and laughter, but i was wrong. I honestly believe i lived my senior year last year as a junior. Last year i had so many friends and we all hanged out at nutrition and lunch and this year we don't hang out as much, we are separated. Don't get me wrong now, i do not mind my small group of friends, its just all really different now.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My First Blog!(:

Hello my name is Keren Villa and i am a 17 year old that attends James Monroe High school in the area of North Hills. I live at home with my parents three brothers and a sister. I have two dogs, a female, Amy, and her dad, Goofy. I love my huge family so much and i can't imagine any of them missing. I am a very independent person. I have a part time job which i am currently getting promoted from crew member to assistant manager. I've been working there for just over a year. It is a pretty fun job to do although sometimes you have to put up with people you don't get along with. I believe no matter where you go you may always run into someone who you dislike or they dislike you, but thats just part of human nature.  When life gives you lemons you make lemonades, since it doesn't give you sugar as well, its probably not going to taste as well, thus you must deal with it. Personally i believe my life is beautiful<3^.^ I have a wonderful family, wonderful friends, and wonderful pets.<33